Political & Historical Sites

American Civil Liberties Union -- The Bill of Rights is a wonderful document and a little scary the way these people interpret it.

American Spectator


ArabNet -- Social, political and historic views in the Arab world. Sponsored by Saudi Arabia.

Army Times

Brookings Institute -- Excellent site for researching papers. In the middle, politically, -- Policy Briefs section has more information than you can use -- but it's nice to know it's there.

CATO Institute -- Well-designed think tank. Libertarian in outlook.

Christian Coalition -- Powerful political organization -- especially in Republican caucuses and primaries.

Communist Party U.S.A. -- Enjoyable reading, too good to be true -- and it was. Wonderfully anachronistic.

Concord Coalition -- Bi-partisan group tells the truth about "budget surpluses".

Winston Churchill -- Superior site of one of historyís most important men. Standing almost alone, he stuck two fingers into the air in a "V" for victory and rallied his nation and then the New World world to defeat Hitlerís forces of evil. Lots of quotes, historical notes, and links.

The Daily Caller -- Political news and opinions. Generally aligning with the libertarian and conservative viewpoint.

Earth Share -- Are we doing what we should to protect our planet?

FrontPage Magazine -- David Horowitz online.

Gallup Organization -- Current polls and interesting reading on how they are conducted.

Heritage Foundation -- The bigtime, conservative think tank. Lots of research possibilities for student political papers.

The Hill -- Newspaper for Congress.

History Channel -- Follows the cable tv channel and this date in history. Good for classroom discussions.

Honest Reporting -- Jewish viewpoint on the fairness of reporting on Israel and the Middle East.

The House of Representatives -- 435 voices of democracy in action. Usually all yelling at the same time.

Hugh Hewitt -- transcripts from his excellent interviews are available here.

John Birch Society -- Proof that everybody deserves a website. Were Eisenhower and Truman really communists or just dupes? Wow -- you didn't know?

Judicial Watch -- Government watchdog group.

Libertarian Party -- There is no law forcing you to check this site. Check it only if you want to; or not, if you don't want to. It's up to you!

Library of Congress -- Sources for research.

Rush Limbaugh -- He may be wrong but he is always right.

MoveOn -- They call it Democracy In Action. This site makes the liberal side of the Democratic party look conservative!

National Review -- Bill Buckley started it -- so you know what side of the hip it shoots from.

National Rifle Association -- Your right to a pea shooter or an assault rifle is safe with Charlton Heston guarding the boundaries of the second amendment.

National Organization of Women -- Country's leading feminists' group. Let's face it: men may have built the world, but women civilized it. Against powerful bosses taking sexual liberties with those who work for them -- unless you're the President.

National Abortion & Reproductive Rights League -- Roe v. Wade is their founding document. Not crazy about the next link in this list.

National Right to Life Committee -- They stand for everything the previous people abhor. Roe must go!

The Onion -- Funny, extremely irreverent, and usually pretty disgusting.

Open Secrets -- Super political site to discover who is donating to which candidate. Information comes from the Federal Elections Commission.

People for the American Way -- Very progressive and left-leaning.

Real Clear Politics -- Election year polling -- includes a valuable averaging of national polls.

Salon Magazine -- On-line magazine.

The Senate -- You paid for it -- might as well check it out.

Ultimate Guide to History Resources -- Hundreds of links for historical facts, quotes, and "stuff you missed in History class."

The Vatican -- Official Vatican Website.

White House -- Current news and an e-mail listing for your opinion(s).