Political & Historical Sites

All Politics.Com -- For the real political junkie. From CNN and Time magazine. Get a life.

American Civil Liberties Union -- The Bill of Rights is a wonderful document and a little scary the way these people interpret it.

American Spectator


ArabNet -- Social, political and historic views in the Arab world. Sponsored by Saudi Arabia.

Army Times

Brookings Institute -- Excellent site for researching papers. In the middle, politically, -- Policy Briefs section has more information than you can use -- but it's nice to know it's there.

CATO Institute -- Well-designed think tank. Libertarian in outlook.

CIA -- Sure. Like they're going to put really neat information on this site (which connects to other intelligence agencies). Seriously, their World Fact Book can tell you the percentage of arable land in Tanzania -- should the question ever come up.

Christian Coalition -- Powerful political organization -- especially in Republican caucuses and primaries.

Communist Party U.S.A. -- Enjoyable reading, too good to be true -- and it was. Wonderfully anachronistic.

Concord Coalition -- Bi-partisan group tells the truth about "budget surpluses".

CubaNet -- Anti-Castro news.

Winston Churchill -- Superior site of one of historyís most important men. Standing almost alone, he stuck two fingers into the air in a "V" for victory and rallied his nation and then the New World world to defeat Hitlerís forces of evil. Lots of quotes, historical notes, and links.

The Daily Caller -- Political news and opinions. Generally aligning with the libertarian and conservative viewpoint.

Democratic National Committee -- All the news they want you to know -- and why Republicans will never understand it.

Earth Share -- Are we doing what we should to protect our planet?

FrontPage Magazine -- David Horowitz online.

Gallup Organization -- Current polls and interesting reading on how they are conducted.

Heritage Foundation -- The bigtime, conservative think tank. Lots of research possibilities for student political papers.

The Hill -- Newspaper for Congress.

History Channel -- Follows the cable tv channel and this date in history. Good for classroom discussions.

Honest Reporting -- Jewish viewpoint on the fairness of reporting on Israel and the Middle East.

The House of Representatives -- 435 voices of democracy in action. Usually all yelling at the same time.

Hugh Hewitt -- transcripts from his excellent interviews are available here.

Islamic Republic News Agency -- The news as seen from Iran.

John Birch Society -- Proof that everybody deserves a website. Were Eisenhower and Truman really communists or just dupes? Wow -- you didn't know?

Judicial Watch -- Government watchdog group.

Libertarian Party -- There is no law forcing you to check this site. Check it only if you want to; or not, if you don't want to. It's up to you!

Library of Congress -- Sources for research.

Rush Limbaugh -- He may be wrong but he is always right.

MoveOn -- They call it Democracy In Action. This site makes the liberal side of the Democratic party look conservative!

National Review -- Bill Buckley started it -- so you know what side of the hip it shoots from.

National Rifle Association -- Your right to a pea shooter or an assault rifle is safe with Charlton Heston guarding the boundaries of the second amendment.

National Organization of Women -- Country's leading feminists' group. Let's face it: men may have built the world, but women civilized it. Against powerful bosses taking sexual liberties with those who work for them -- unless you're the President.

National Abortion & Reproductive Rights League -- Roe v. Wade is their founding document. Not crazy about the next link in this list.

National Right to Life Committee -- They stand for everything the previous people abhor. Roe must go!

Newt.org -- For those who really need a life. Website for Newt Gingrich as he tries to remake his image.

The Onion -- Funny, extremely irreverent, and usually pretty disgusting.

Open Secrets -- Super political site to discover who is donating to which candidate. Information comes from the Federal Elections Commission.

People for the American Way -- Very progressive and left-leaning.

Real Clear Politics -- Election year polling -- includes a valuable averaging of national polls.

Reagan.com -- Michael Reagan (the former president's adopted son) with his political views and a small archive of President Reagan's speeches.

Republican National Committee -- All the news they think is fit to print -- and, generally, what the Democrats don't want you to know!

Salon Magazine -- On-line magazine.

The Senate -- You paid for it -- might as well check it out.

Turkish Daily News -- National and international news from a valuable NATO ally.

The Vatican -- Official Vatican Website.

White House -- Current news and an e-mail listing for your opinion(s).

White House Press Briefings -- White House Press Secretary's official place in the world.

Zogby International Polling -- Political polling news source.